Born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina I first found an interest in eyebrows when I was 13 years old. My aunt would razor my eyebrows as well as my cousins. 


When I was younger like most people I would go to the nails shops getting my eyebrows done. I would sit in the chair, fingers crossed praying my eyebrows would come out perfect. Most of the time one was always higher than the other or too much hair was removed from the middle of my brows or they were way too thin. When I was 21 I decided I would purchase my first warmer and learn this art myself. After practicing on myself and my friends. I found a strong love for waxing the body and shaping eyebrows. So much that I took a year off from studying Psychology at Lander University and decided to become a licensed Esthetician. 


I worked for a leading wax company for one year while completing my psychology degree and took the leap to open my own hair removal studio at the age of 25 on June 5, 2015.