Toya La' Chelle is the owner of Hudson Brow & Waxing Studio in Greenville, SC. Her studio specializes in Brows and Brazilian waxes, as well as great customer service.

For your first brow appointment, Toya La' Chelle and the Hudson Team take their time to get to know you as their new client. This is called a first time

Brow Consultation, where you will be asked to answer a simple questionnaire. Questions will pertain to any medication you may be on, if you use a razor or tweezers in your personal brow maintenance, and your over all brow goals. For your first visit the consultation, measurements, brow shaping and fill-in will take a duration of 45 minutes.

"I ask these types of questions because it is really important that we take care of our clients, and that we help them achieve the healthiest and thickest eyebrows we know they want and love!" ~Toya La'Chelle

After your consultation the Hudson Team will then lay you down and take a look at your brows. They will measure the natural shape of your brows and sculpt them into the potential your brows have. During this process they will continue to speak with you to keep your anxiety down and to simply inform you on what they are doing. In addition, to measuring your brows they will begin the threading or waxing process. At this point they will take their time and make sure precision is used with every hair they will be doing away with. Only to once again make sure they will get you those brows you longed for.

Once the waxing or threading process is finished they will go in and show you the proper way to fill in your eyebrows, using a brow pencil. When visiting Hudson Brow & Waxing you will receive"The Toya La'Chelle Brow Experience"; that simply means you will receive undivided attention and perfectionist skillset, a experience that only takes 45 minutes.

The Hudson team stands out from other Brow and Brazilian waxing facilities because of the care and quality they provide each and every client. Every client is treated like VIP and receives the Hudson teams assistance and Brow and Brazilian wax education.

Their studio is spectacular, the staff is professional and you can tell they love what they do. Book your appointment today and experience the ultimate Brow journey for yourself! Also follow the Hudson Team on social media to see what they are up to and to see the work they have done!

Instagram: @hudsonbrowandwaxing

Facebook: @hudsonbrowandwaxing

Yelp: Hudson Brow and Waxing

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